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◆May 2013 "SIED Paper machine dryer section heat pump control software" won "Utility model patent certificate".
◆May 2013 "SIED.Roll package control software"won "Utility model patent certificate".
◆March 2013 "PLC-based precharge circuit inverter control device"acquired Software copyright.
◆March 2013 "An active cooling device rectifier unit"acquired Software copyright.
◆September 2012 "SIEDSteel Strapping Control SoftwareV1.10"acquired Software copyright.
◆June 2012 "SIEDPaper Cutter Control SoftwareV1.10"acquired Software copyright.
◆March 2011 Advanced production "SIED-IIPaper production line automatic control system" through "Tech achievement transformation project"again.
◆December 2010 "SIEDPrepared paint paper sizing unit control softwareV1.0" won "Software product registration certificate".
◆September 2010 "A surface preparation glue sizing control device"won "Utility model patent certificate".
◆July  2010 "A surface sizing glue preparation intelligent electrical control devices"won "Utility model patent certificate".
◆December 2008 Identified "High-tech enterprises".
◆May 2005 The newly developed"SIEDPaper production line automatic control system"was identified "Tech achievement transformation project".
◆July 2004 Identified"Integrity exempt enterprises" by Shanghai Hongkou District People's Government.
◆December 2002 Identified "Industrial and commercial inspection exempt enterprises" by Shanghai Administration for Industry.
◆December 2001 SIED All-digital control devices" won "National key new product certificate".
◆June 2001 "Papermaking plant distributed control system" listed as "Shanghai Torch Program projects".
◆March 2000 Through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
◆November 1995 Identified "Tech enterprises in Shanghai".
◆January 1993 Shanghai Paper Machinery Electronic Control Technology Institute was established.
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